May 8, 2011

Cottage Cheese Pancakes

So here it is, my first blog post! I can't think of a better topic to post about other than one of my absolute favorite recipes. Cottage Cheese Pancakes! It sounds gross but it's an absolute revelation! I prefer to call them Protein Pancakes but they're more commonly known as
Cottage Cheese Pancakes.

I love pancakes but I hate the super full feeling I get from all the carbies. Now, this is not some "diet food." I guess it can be for some if you don't like it and choose to torture yourself with what you consider terrible tasting food. But this recipe is an absolute gem in my book...

Cottage Cheese Pancakes

2 eggs or 1/2 c. eggbeaters
1/2 c. lowfat cottage cheese
1 package instant oatmeal

Combine all ingredients in a blender and mix until smooth.
Lightly spray skillet and place over low heat. When the skillet is hot, spoon the batter onto the skillet and cook until it starts bubbling and has set up, flip and cook until golden brown.

Credit: Health & Fitness
My fave oatmeal: Trader Joe's Maple & Brown Sugar
I recommend using a maple & brown sugar-flavored oatmeal, I think it makes the pancakes taste authentically pancake-like. My Mr. likes apple cinnamon flavor. Use any flavor you like, make them yours. I also like to add banana slices and roasted pecans. Aaahh, reminds me of one of my favorite Jack Johnson songs. Loves it! Enjoy with syrup or your favorite fruit spread. Oh and BACON! Bacon is a favorite breakfast food.

 I hope you enjoy. Please let me know how you liked or didn't like my favorite flapjacks.
Also, write back and share about how you made this your own. I'd love to hear!

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