June 29, 2011

Migraine Malaise

I have a migraine. I've had this same migraine for several days. It's come and gone but this morning it was raging. And I think I know the reason for it. I have become seriously dependent on Dr. Pepper. Several years ago, I kicked the habit cold turkey but this time, well this time it's different. I'm already naturally prone to migraines and the whole cold turkey thing is just absolute torture. I stuck it out for the past few days. I have been hydrating myself (dehydration is a major cause of migraines), having balanced meals, using ice packs, resting, not over-exerting myself, and the Mr. has even been massaging my neck and shoulders. I'm also trying to get my caffeine from other sources to try and trick my body into thinking it's getting the good stuff. Kind of like methadone for a soda addict. Y, nada! Nothing is working! I even get Botox ever 4-6 months to help with the problem. I promise it works. Just check it out for yourself. I used to have migraines for weeks at a time. It was terrible. It's helped a ton. My old roommate, T-dawg, has a video of me getting it a few months ago. I'll try to get it and post it here. For the record, I LOVE BOTOX! It keeps the migraines and wrinkles at bay!

Since the cold turkey thing isn't working out for me, I've decided to titrate off the juice. The Mr. is coming home with some of the good nectar. The plan: 2-3 cans a day for a week depending on how I'm feeling, then 2/day for a week, then 1/day for a week. I'm choosing to stop my soda intake not for any weight loss goals, but because I don't like how I feel when I drink too much. It actually causes my migraines to worsen, it dehydrates me, causes me to retain water, and really upsets my stomach when I have it in the evening. It's just not good...this guy gives a good explanation on the negative side-effects of soda.
So it is the beginning of the end for me and soda.
Until our final encounter, I will delight in its fizzy glory.

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Geoffrey said...

This is what I like about Botox – it’s not just for aesthetics purposes, but it also has a medicinal purpose. It treated my mom’s chronic migraine, actually. She was given Botox by her doctor with an interval of about 12 weeks as multiple injections around the head and neck. It effectively dulled her migraines, which she is very thankful about.

Geoffrey Lelia

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